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Is it time for you to take your vocal training to the next level?

Our lessons are unique to every person-- every voice is different!

We'll get a feel for your music background, look at your skills and see where you're strong and have room to grow, and we'll make a plan designed specifically for you or your child.

Vocal Lessons

Singing Boy-2.png

Oh, and did we mention the first lesson is absolutely free?

Madeline O'Meara headshot.jpg

Ms. Madeline O'Meara

Voice instructor

"I love going through basics with everyone and making sure we're all starting at the same speed. I also want it to be fun! I want to get excited with this new cool tool that you can use the rest of your life."

"It's like learning a new language-- verbiage, whole step, half step. Detail does matter, and I try to go through as much detail as possible and be as thorough as I can be."

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